Since 1991, I have developed many unique and innovative transducers for the audio industry. Now, as a consultant, I can provide state-of-the-art services and expertise in the field of transducer design for your company, ranging from the largest subwoofers to the smallest tweeters. The combination of extensive product design and development experience with powerful engineering tools means rapid, cost-effective, and high quality design and manufacturing solutions.


To provide world-class transducer design, analysis, and measurement services for the audio community.

Company Profile

As the senior design engineer for a leading audio corporation for many years, I can provide considerable expertise and experience in transducer design and development. My design experience has been closely tied to manufacturing environments, both in-house and in the Far East. The resultant sensitivity to the issues of production and procurement are among the distinguishing features of my designs. In addition, I have made significant advances in transducer design methodology, enabling better designs for less cost in shorter lead times.

The inclusion of all elements of the acoustic system design; system, transducer, and amplification, generate synergy that improves the performance and minimizes the cost, both of the raw materials and of the labor content used to assemble it. The use of advanced computer-aided-engineering tools, such as 3-D solid modeling and finite element analysis (FEA) improve the quality of the design, minimize the potential for errors, especially with respect to tooling of components, and dramatically reduce the time from concept to production. The suite of modeling tools , including custom-designed lumped parameter optimization routines, enable the design to provide the maximum sonic benefit at the minimum possible cost.

As an adjunct to these benefits in cost, quality, and timing, I can also provide a creative and inventive element to the design, which adds significant value, provides product differentiation, and creates barriers to the competition via patent protection. It is often possible to increase the perceived value of the product via the inclusion of advanced transducer features, with little or no increase in the cost. Conversely, some applications demand transducers that push the performance envelope and can therefore benefit greatly from improved suspension geometry, acoustically optimized diaphragms, maximized power handling, and so on. In either case, I can provide the services and tools which will add significant value to the final product.

I have the experience and capabilities to greatly assist your transducer engineering efforts. I have a long history of the creation of unique and innovative products, which are distinguished by their low cost, high performance, high perceived value, and rapid deployment.